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We’re proud to be a Snapchat trusted partner
  • Custom eXperience Engine (XE) – so, your brand experience plays beautifully on any device, operating system, screen size.
  • Rapid Development Environment (RDE) – enables iterative improvement of the experience to increase user engagement.
  • Custom Cloud infrastructure – delivers fast performance at internet scale globally, resulting in higher engagement for your brand.
  • Perfected for Snapchat – proven end-to-end solution perfected for Snapchat – from user experience and creatives, to fine-tuned integration with Snapchat webview. So your target audience will experience your brand in the best way possible.

Case Study: Dewar’s

Dewar’s, the most awarded blended Scotch whisky brand from Bacardi, wanted to create a disruptive mobile game experience that engages target customers on Snapchat and drive perception that Dewar’s 12 quality is better and more fun than other whiskies.

  • Working with the brand team, we developed “Egg Blast” game that playfully connects Snapchat audience to the brands national campaign.
  • Snapchat users spent over 75 seconds on average per session, thus experiencing the brand in a fun and memorable way.
  • The game experience was extended to Search and other campaigns to build on the success with Snapchat.

Playable Experiences

Where’s Mel?

A highly visual game based on memorable brand imagery that customers love and recall. Introduces Mel, a key character in the movie in a fun way.

Rooftop Rumble

A quick action runner-style game that introduces our hero “The Tick”, as he runs and leaps across buildings and punches villains.

Space Shooter

A space invader style game that lets the users shoot down a batch of rogue pizza roles.

Creatives that deliver demonstrable results

An astounding 105 seconds time spent per user session. GameCommerce delivers 10x higher engagement compared to mobile industry standards.
Source: GameCommerce Campaign Data

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