How we’re swiping up with Interstitials

Interstitial ads are a very effective means for companies to engage users in various mobile formats. Interstitials are full-screen images that cover the entire screen of the app or browser window on mobile devices. They can be used in a variety of ways such as transitions of an app, mixed into the stories section of Instagram and Snapchat, or as transitions to communicate information to the user.



In this example from our Puma campaign, an interstitial was used to show the user directions on how to play the next round of the game.


Interstitials can also be used as ads with an interactive call-to-action as seen in the HBO Boxing example above. By using interstitials to preview the game, users swipe-up and begin playing at significantly higher rates than averages typically seen for static banners or video units. These increased top-of-funnel metrics have led to higher numbers overall and reflect fun, active participation among users.

These ads are more effective in engaging users because they utilize the entire mobile screen and are generally more interactive than other ad placements. Users navigate through the screens using gestures like tapping and swiping to do things like advance, replay, and swipe up. As a result, users are become fully immersed in the experience and are more active as they control the experience through user actions on the screen.

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