How-To: Convert PSDs into interactive experiences

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Using our Quest AI system to create playables & interactive experience could not be more easy. It all starts after you hit save on your Photoshop document with our simple PSD upload tool. Unlike most other interactive and motion software that requires the user to design or build their experience from scratch in their tool, we let the designers design their native way. Everything saved in Photoshop gets transferred over, pixel perfectly, to our Quest AI system, ready for creating animations and events. Let’s take a quick look at the process.


Once logged in, the user will be taken to a project page. For the purpose of this demo, we’ll simply start a new project. (See the arrow above)


Starting a new project will take the user to the Upload PSD page. If it is the first time, the user can click the bottom button to learn about how to setup the Photoshop file with a PDF and demo PSD project.


After the file is uploaded, you’ll be taken to the project editor page. On the left side, all the layers from the PSD will be shown. On the right side, layer properties, animations and events will be shown.



This concept seemed simple to our naive design team a year ago. We asked ourselves, why can’t we create something in Photoshop and get the positions of all layers and enable the web code. That way, users can just start building — instead of exporting everything separately. It shouldn’t be so complicated to get some fun designs into a working web experience, right? And why do designers have to learn another design experience when they’re doing the core design work in Photoshop? With Quest AI, we’re trimming the fat. Design, animate, create an event. All without coding. Build full experiences fast. Like half a day design to published interactive micro-sites and playables. Reach out for your access code right now.