GameCommerce voted as the “Hottest Company” by Plug & Play

GameCommerce is honored to be voted as the “Hottest Company” at Plug and Play!

Plug and Play goes through a rigorous selection that covers four criteria’s to be the “Hottest Company”: Growth, Business Model, IP Value and Leadership Team.

In terms of business growth, we have been working with Snapchat as one their select “Creative Partners”. Furthermore, we are expanding our footprint world wide in creating fun mobile games for major brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Puma and Marvel Studios. Our gamified brand playables are exciting for brands as they deliver an order of magnitude higher engagement than typical mobile formats. Using our Creator platform, brands can build playables that are engaging, meaningful and most of all tell the brand’s story. GameCommerce’s core technologies include IntelliDev (our rapid development technology that converts a designer’s vision into code programmatically), Uni-AR (a browser-based computer vision technology that delivers AR without requiring any app installs), and IntelliPlay (a system that creates and delivers the right content to the right user irrespective of the device type, OS, screen size or connectivity). Finally, our wonderful leadership in experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic for the future!

The team at GameCommerce has just scratched the surface for brand playables on mobile and is ecstatic about taking digital advertising to the next level!